• The symptoms of a hair dye allergy When your skin comes into contact with p-phenylenediamine PPD (or PTD) you can see the following symptoms:Eczema. This does not have to be limited on the scalp, it can also occur in other places such as the hands or, for example, on the back.Irritated painful sc... View Post
  • What is the main difference between ColourWell natural hair coloring and other natural hair dyes?Last week, ColourWell was present at Vivaness, the largest international organic cosmetics fair in Nürnberg. There was a lot of interest in our natural hair colors. The trend towards natural hair dye... View Post
  • Questions about usage

    How long does ColourWell Last? The uniqueness of ColourWell is that the colour fades gradually. It does not show ugly distinctive colour difference with growth as with a chemical dye. Depending on the type of hair and how many times a person shampoos, in most people it fades away in 6-12 weeks. F... View Post
  • Questions about colouring

    Will ColourWell also cover grey? Grey hair is usually coarser and dryer then the other type of hair, as they tend to lose the natural oils. Up to 20% grey can be covered easily by the semi permanent dye as ColourWell in any shade. People with more than 20% grey may require two or three applicat... View Post
  • Poison in Sunscreen products

    Researchers at the Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based nonprofit, claim that nearly half of the 500 most popular sunscreen products actually increase the rate at which malignant cells develop and skin cancer spreads because they contain vitamin A, and its derivatives retinol and reti... View Post


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