What is the main difference between ColourWell natural hair coloring and other natural hair dyes?

Last week, ColourWell was present at Vivaness, the largest international organic cosmetics fair in Nürnberg. There was a lot of interest in our natural hair colors. The trend towards natural hair dyes is getting bigger and bigger. People are increasingly aware that chemical hair dyes are not good for hair and health. Girls start coloring their hair at an increasingly younger age and this can have negative effects in the long term.

We are increasingly receiving positive reactions from our customers. They are particularly satisfied with the intense colors, the good gray coverage and the beautiful shine on their hair. In addition, we regularly hear that women who have used ColourWell get a fuller head of hair again after a number of tints. The most frequently asked question on Vivaness was: What is the biggest difference between ColourWell natural hair coloring and other natural hair dyes. There are a number of differences, such as:

1) ColourWell is really 100% natural, some natural hair dyes are natural but not 100%.

2) ColourWell is the first 100% natural hair color that also covers gray hair.
We are often told that our coverage is so good. That is a big difference from other natural hair dyes. At the booth in Nürnberg we also heard from a number of people that they had not had such good experiences with the coverage of eg Khadi or Logona.

3) The color Mild Black can also be used on gray hair, unlike other providers.

4) Besides that ColourWell colors the hair, the hair is also nourished so that it becomes fuller, has a beautiful shine and does not become drier.
ColourWell contains medicinal ingredients recognized by Ayurveda that also care for the hair.

We can look back on Vivaness 2017 with good feeling and expect that ColourWell will be sold in even more stores so that even more people can get to know the healthiest way of hair coloring.