Questions about usage

How long does ColourWell Last?

The uniqueness of ColourWell is that the colour fades gradually. It does not show ugly distinctive colour difference with growth as with a chemical dye. Depending on the type of hair and how many times a person shampoos, in most people it fades away in 6-12 weeks.
For the most beautiful result you should repeat ColourWell every 14 days.

How much ColourWell hair powder do I need for one application?

Hair length - Quantity (indication)
Short 30g - 50g
Shoulder length 50g - 80g

Long 80g - 100g

Can I use ColourWell before or after a perm?

As ColourWell coats the hair with a protection layer we recommend to do the perm first. We advise you to do a strand test first, since chemically treated hair do not react to ColourWell same way as normal hair. The chemicals may react with ColourWell in unexpected ways. In addition ColourWell may loosen the curl of the perm. Avoid ColourWell application on freshly permed hair. Let the perm settle for a few days before use.

My hair is dry; will ColourWell work on my hair?

ColourWell not only colours hair but its conditioning properties helps bring body, life and vibrancy to dry damaged hair. ColourWell enriches hair with its essential oil, giving hair natural radiance. It makes your hair softer and easy to comb.

Do I need to wait until the chemical comes off?

You do not need to wait for your present chemical comes off. You can start the Colourwell application any time. If you use ColourWell on chemically dyed hair this may give an unexpected result. Always carry out a strand test first. 
Check out the instruction video below.

My hair has a green glow now, what do I have to do? 

It can happen, don't panic! There are 3 solutions:
a) The final ColourWell colour will appear within 24-48 hours. Wait at least 24 hours, in most cases the green glow will disappear.
b) Your hair has too little red hair pigment. Colour your hair with ColourWell Copper Red and leave it on for 10 minutes.
c) If you do not have ColourWell Copper Red at home you might choose a natural solution. Cover your hair with some mashed tomatoes. Let it rest for 20 minutes, wash out and the green glow will disappear.

My hair has an intense orange colour after colouring with Dark Chestnut Brown, what do I have to do?

Apply again. The orange colour will fade and your hair will get a nice colour with a beautiful red shine.