Does natural hair coloring cover gray hair?

We are regularly asked whether ColourWell covers gray hair because that is often a problem with most natural hair coloring. ColourWell is known for its excellent gray coverage, even the mild black color provides excellent coverage on gray hair. We know that the color black is not possible with other providers. In addition to giving ColourWell a beautiful intense color, it also provides nourishment to hair and scalp, making the hair shine and even fuller.

Here are the advice we usually give for gray hair:

- Mix the powder with water at a temperature of around 50/60 degrees
- When you have applied the substance to the hair, keep the hair style warm with a hair dryer or even better a hair dryer if available.
- If necessary, treat the gray hair again immediately (at least within 2 days).

It is possible that the gray hairs turn orange / red during the first treatment. A red / orange background ensures that the coloring adheres better next time. You should repeat the 2nd coloring within 2 days for optimal results.

Some people mix a little black with Dark Chestnut Brown.
For example 1/4 part Mild Black with 3/4 part Dark Chestnut Brown.
With the gray temples it is best to use pure mild black, this ensures a darker end result at the temples.

We also have customers who first put the color Mahogany on the gray and then treat the entire hair with Mild Black. We have heard from several customers that this contributes to a better color result. Of course we cannot assure you whether this will also be the case with you. This depends on your own hair structure and natural pigmentation in the hair.

The first few times it is a matter of trying out what suits you best. After that, keeping track of the outgrowth is the most important.
It is recommended to color a tuft first to see if the correct color result is achieved.

Gray hair always remains slightly lighter than the non-gray hair.
Most people like this because the end result is more subtle and less harsh than chemical hair dye. If you are used to using chemical dyes, you may have to get used to the subtler color result achieved with 100% natural hair coloring at first. If you have a lot of gray hair, it is better to choose a color darker than you are used to.

ColourWell puts layer on layer, so the more often you use ColourWell, the better the hair coloring adheres and the more beautiful and healthier your hair becomes.

Also take a look at the following YouTube video to see a nice result of ColourWell on gray hair