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1. The end results depend on your own hair colour and –structure. The thinner the structure, the more intense the colour will be. However you will see the result immediately, the final ColourWell colour will appear within 24-48 hours.
2. If you use ColourWell on grey, light blond or chemical dyed hair, this might give an unexpected result. That is why you should ALWAYS test it first on a lock of hair.
3. For the best colouring result, use ColourWell, on uncoloured hair. ColourWell coats the hair, therefore hair dyes based on chemicals cannot colour your hair in an optimal way. That is why it is not preferred to use chemical hair dyes on hair coloured with ColourWell.
4. You cannot bleach or lighten hair after it is coloured with ColourWell.
5. On hair coloured with ColourWell, it might be possible that a permanent colour will not give the desired result. Always do a permanent colour first, before colouring your hair with ColourWell.
6. ColourWell is a long lasting semi-permanent hair colouring. The colour normally fades between 6-12 weeks depending on the hair type and how often you wash your hair with shampoo.
7 If you have more than 20% grey hair it might be that the desired colour will only appear after the 2nd colouring treatment.
8. After colouring, grey hair will be lighter then hair which is not grey yet. In this way you will keep your lively and natural colouring shades thanks to ColourWell.
9. ColourWell cannot make your hair lighter than your actual or natural hair colour. It is preferred to choose a colour that best matches your own hair colour or which is darker.
10. ColourWell colours can be mixed. In this way you are able to create your own unique hair colour. It is also possible to colour just a few hair locks with another colour.


Also watch our instruction video below.



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