How to get a beautiful, shiny and colored hairstyle and also protect your hair

Whether it is to get rid of your gray hair or because you want a new, hip haircut, many people go to a salon to get their hair colored. Or they opt for a do-it-yourself solution and get started with hair coloring at home. Good idea?
Do you regularly get your hair colored? Or are you going to get started with hair dye yourself? You're not the only one. Many people have colored hair. Most of them have a chemical hair color. But chemical hair dye is an attack on your skin and hair.

Aggressive to your skin
Hair coloring that has been chemically produced is quite aggressive to your hair. And for your scalp. Yes, because your skin is your largest organ. Everything you put on it absorbs the skin. The molecule of chemical hair coloring also penetrates the scalp in this way, especially because the molecule is so small and is easily absorbed. This in turn can lead to strong reactions that you do not want. Read more about this on our blog page: “ColourWell prevents allergies and skin diseases”

Chance of hair loss
More and more people are allergic to chemical hair products. Or they have experienced that hair dye is the culprit of many skin and hair problems.
How come? Chemical hair color destroys the keratin in your hair. Your hair is made up of 95% keratin. If the keratin decreases, you can lose your hair.
It is good to know that ColourWell contains ingredients that not only color hot hair but also strengthen the hair roots. This means you have less chance of hair loss and you will eventually get a beautiful full healthy head of hair again. If you do not want coloring, but do want to strengthen the hair roots, there is also a colorless variant: ColourWell Hair Treatment.

Better: 100% natural
If you want to take good care of your hair and skin, 100% natural is the best choice.
pay attention
Many people have been looking for a 100% natural hair color for a long time. Unfortunately, there are many hair products on the market that are not completely natural. Even though it says "natural" on the packaging. View a product critically. Green packaging does not mean that it contains a green or natural product.
The statement "bio" or "without ammonia" is also no guarantee for a natural hair product. Ammonia is often replaced by ethanolamine or triethanolamine: odorless products with the same effect as ammonia. Not good.
Look closely at the ingredients
View or request the ingredient list: you are entitled to it. Natural herbal hair color product contains only natural ingredients. That is to say: made from substances that come from nature. So you will only find Latin names of plants.
When you have to mix hair dye with an activator, a liquid or a cream, you are dealing with chemical hair dye. You mix natural hair color with water.

Read more about this on our blog page.